Beautiful Wife of Azerbaijan’s President elected Vice President by Husband

President Illham Aliyev of the Azerbaijan appointed his wife Mehriban the vice president of their country and the number two person in the country following constitutional referendum .

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President Illham created a constitutional referendum in September that extended his rule from 5 years to 7 years. President Illham’s critics say the constitutional referendum has empowered the President for a dynastic rule.

According to the constitution, the duties of the vice president includes includes taking over power if the president is unable to perform their duties, and overseeing the Cabinet.

President Illham and wife Mehriban have two children. Mehriban got married to Illham when she was 19 years old and both are now in their early 50’s. She studied Medicine and has been lawmaker in their country. 

Aliyev’s critics say the September referendum that also extended the presidential term from five to seven years effectively cemented a dynastic rule. In 2003, Aliyev succeeded his father, who had ruled Azerbaijan first as the Communist Party boss and then as a post-Soviet president for the greater part of three decades.

Azerbaijan a former Soviet Union country is located in the continent of Asia and has been long ruled by the Aliyev’s family.

In 2003, President Illham succeeded his father late President Haidar Aliyev who ruled was President of Soviet Azabaijan under the Soviet Union and also the President of the post-Soviet Union for close to thirty years.


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